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What Ethics Make for an Excellent Bookkeeper?

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A bookkeeper deals with sensitive information every day. From your company’s financials to your employees’ personal information, we are expected to maintain confidentiality in all situations. This means that our ethics must be of the highest standard to ensure that we are prioritizing the correct things to provide superior and secure bookkeeping services.

So, what are some qualities that make a good bookkeeper?

Providing consistent and honest feedback to business owners regarding their books is essential to being an ethical bookkeeper. Business owners expect to be kept in the loop regarding their financials, and they need to be able to trust that they are getting the whole picture.


Being organized is crucial to having a good ethical framework. In the case of an audit, business owners need to be able to locate important documents and often look to their bookkeeper for help in locating these documents. Programs like Dext can be useful in these cases because it allows you to easily locate source documents. Click here to find out more information on other apps we suggest using to stay organized.

Communication skills

Having the ability to communicate complicated financial information in a way that makes sense to business owners is key to being an excellent bookkeeper. To do this, one must be a good listener to be able to interpret where any confusion may lie and be good at both written and verbal communication.


Bookkeeping tasks can be tedious and repetitive. This means it can require a lot of mental energy to stay focused and patience is key when it comes to providing accurate bookkeeping for business owners. Patience can also help with communication skills because it requires patience to translate complex information.


Curiosity makes for exceptional bookkeeping because it drives us to continue learning new skills in our industry. It also drives us to be better bookkeepers. Bookkeeping requires us to be curious about each transaction taking place in a business so that we can properly categorize transactions and provide accurate reports.


Business owners place a lot of trust in bookkeepers to be ethical, reliable, and accurate. Often, it is a big step for business owners to begin hiring others to care for their business. Therefore, it is crucial to show one’s reliability and maintain trust.

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Melissa Nuij
Chief Operations Officer

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