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Online Bookkeeping For Entrepreneurs

You’re tech-savvy, right? So, how do you use technology, like online bookkeeping, to maximize your business’ potential?

At Ruby Business Solutions our online bookkeepers will help you revolutionize how you manage your money.


Simplify Your Life With Online Bookkeeping

Looking for a better way to manage and visualize your business finances? Our online bookkeeping services will help you do just that. We understand that every business in Canada is different

You might just be starting out and need assistance setting up a cloud bookkeeping solution, or you may have been around for a while, and need help getting your books in order or transitioning on to the cloud.

The first step is to book a complimentary discovery call with us, where we’ll get to know you and your business, and let you know more about what it’s like to work with us. Once we both decide we are a good fit for each other we will move into the next steps. 

If you are an established business, we will complete a diagnostic review of your books. You will be provided a copy of this review and we will walk you through our findings which will include a comprehensive breakdown of the current status of your books and any issues that may be present. 

Following this, we will recommend services based on the findings and your business’ needs. If you are a new business, we will recommend one of our Start-Up Bookkeeping Packages based on your projections for the coming year.

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Our Online Bookkeeping Services

With Ruby Business Solutions you can expect an online bookkeeping service that makes it easier for you to run your business. We will simplify, streamline and organize your finances. From clean up and set up, to payroll and day-to-day bookkeeping, we will deliver the best online bookkeeping services and give you the confidence you need when it comes to your numbers.

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Bookkeeping Clean Up

Sitting with boxes of receipts and worried that your finances are in disarray?
Speak to us.
We love cleaning up books and helping clients get organized.

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Cloud Setup

Ready to move to a modern accounting solution? We’ll get you set up with QuickBooks Online – a leading software that will change the way you manage your finances.

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Online Bookkeeping

Our online bookkeepers will simplify your finances and take care of all of your expenses, invoicing, collections, bill payments, GST filings and financial statements.

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Online bookkeeping will simplify your payroll, including Source Deductions, ROE’s and T4’s. We can file & pay your Workers Compensation premiums.

Get The Ultimate Business Checklist

Manage your business with confidence with our business checklist. Our online bookkeeping team has put together this easy-to-use guide that gives you the key financial information that you should keep an eye on in your business on a regular basis.

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The Benefits Of Online Bookkeeping

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By using the latest cloud bookkeeping software and apps, our online bookkeepers will streamline how you manage your business finances. We can get you up and running on well known accounting software like QuickBooks Online and then integrate receipt capture apps like Dext or payment automation with Plooto.

One of the main benefits of cloud bookkeeping is that you can access your financial information from home, the office, the gym or even your kid’s soccer practice!

When you work with our online bookkeepers you can expect:

  • More accurate record keeping
  • Up-to-date financial information
  • Real-time visibility of your numbers
  • Easier collaboration with your bookkeeper
  • A simpler way of managing your books

And because we’re online, you have greater flexibility too. Contact us through our Client Portal mobile app from wherever you are at a time that’s convenient!

Welcome to Our Circle of Innovators and Achievers!

At Ruby Business Solutions, we’re more than just a team – we’re a community of like-minded businesses driven by passion and purpose. We love working with clients who are as excited about their journey as they are about their destination. Here’s a snapshot of who we’re looking for:

Enthusiastic Visionaries
You’re not just in business; you’re on a mission to make a difference. Your energy is contagious, and you inspire everyone around you.

Respectful Collaborators
With you, every interaction is a two-way street, built on respect and mutual understanding. You value relationships as much as results.

Growth-Oriented Go-Getters
Always aiming higher, you’re the ones who see potential in every opportunity. Your mindset? Perpetual growth and continuous learning.

Tech Trailblazers
In a world that’s constantly changing, you’re the ones who adapt and thrive. Tech-savvy? Absolutely. Forward-thinking? You bet.

Ambitious Achievers
Whether you’re already in the $500k to $10mil revenue bracket or you’re an up-and-comer with big goals, you have a clear vision for the future.

If this sounds like you, then you’re exactly who we’ve been looking for. Let’s unite our strengths and chart a course to success, making each step along the way both meaningful and rewarding. Welcome to our world, where business meets passion and dreams become achievements.

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The Origins Of Ruby

At the head of our online bookkeeping services is Laura Dempster. She is originally from Melbourne and proudly became a Canadian Citizen in 2022 after living in Canada for 10 years. Sadly, when leaving Melbourne she had to leave her beloved English Staffy, Ruby, behind with her parents.

When the company first began in 2019, Laura knew that she wanted to incorporate Ruby’s name as a homage and that is how Ruby Business Solutions was born.

Laura loves to help other Entrepreneurs to understand their financials, get systems into place, and use their financial reports to make savvy business decisions.

Speak to Laura, or one of our online bookkeepers, if you’d like to know more about us.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We hired Laura last year to take over our Bookkeeping. She came into a mess as we were moving companies, had changed accounting firms, had just had a 3rd child and then with Covid19….needless to to say, it was a very stressful few years and for Laura it must have been a lot of work and stress to take on. She did an amazing job! Laura is patient, detail oriented, organized and sincerely wants to help. We are so glad we found Laura to take care of the books. I hope she stays on with us indefinitely. We are lucky to have her in our corner.
An image of Chantal Vignola, a blonde woman wearing a brown coat
Chantal Vignola
Laura the owner and founder of Ruby Business solutions has been a life saver for the bookkeeping side of my small business. She rescued the shambles of receipt bundles and organised me onto QuickBooks and other automated easy to use apps in a seemly swift and seamless transition. My books are so well streamlined, thanks to Laura I know exactly what the financial status of my business is on any day of the week. She follows up and not even the smallest issue is left unattended. Very happy client! Thank you Laura.
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Jennifer Muller

At Ruby Business Solutions, we believe in giving back to the planet and making a positive impact. We’re proud members of B1G1, a global initiative that transforms everyday business activities into life-changing impacts. For every month that we complete your books, we commit to planting a tree. It’s our way of ensuring that while we help your business grow, we also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our planet. Partner with us, and together, let’s make a difference—one tree at a time.

Ready To Simplify
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