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Bookkeeping Clean Up Services

You’re in the right place. If your books are a mess and you have no idea where to get started, we can help. Our bookkeeping clean up services will catch you up and implement a system that simplifies, streamlines, and organizes your finances going forward.

You're Not Alone

Many business owners have faced this challenge before. It’s stressful running a business and being pulled in all directions. You miss a payment, forget to send an invoice, aren’t sure how to calculate sales tax correctly, and suddenly, you’re a few months behind.

The good news is that you’re not alone. Ruby Business Solutions has provided bookkeeping clean up services many times to business owners throughout Canada.

Whether you’re just a few months behind and need a quick catch-up or your books have been completely neglected and you need support with sales tax, payroll, and reporting, we can rescue you.

Book a discovery call with us to discuss your situation and how a bookkeeping clean up can help you.

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Our Bookkeeping Clean Up Services

Our bookkeeping clean up services will give you peace of mind knowing that an expert bookkeeper is going through all your past records and accurately filing them. We can take care of any past errors, outstanding reconciliations, receipt and payment capture, and any issues that you may have with sales tax or payroll.

We will complete a comprehensive review of your books to help determine what your business needs and create a customized package for you.

Don't Just Take Our Word
For It...

Laura the owner and founder of Ruby Business solutions has been a life saver for the bookkeeping side of my small business. She rescued the shambles of receipt bundles and organised me onto QuickBooks and other automated easy to use apps in a seemly swift and seamless transition. My books are so well streamlined, thanks to Laura I know exactly what the financial status of my business is on any day of the week. She follows up and not even the smallest issue is left unattended. Very happy client! Thank you Laura.
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Jennifer Muller
Business Owner

Let's Clean Up Your Books

Send through the form and let us know how we can help you.

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Our Bookkeeping Clean Up Process

Our bookkeeping cleanup starts by collecting all bank and credit card statements, receipts, and invoices for the clean up period.

We will then check all bank and credit card reconciliations for errors and reconcile any that have not been completed. We will provide you with a list of any missing documents to make sure that your bookkeeping records are complete.

Next, we will identify and resolve any aged balances, and make sure payroll and sales tax entries are accurate.

Lastly, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of everything that we have done to put your accounts in order.

Once we’ve cleaned up your books our monthly bookkeeping services will make sure that your books are never a mess again.

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Why Do I Need A Bookkeeping Clean Up?

Bookkeeping is the foundation of your business’s financial reporting. Without good bookkeeping, you can’t generate reliable financial statements or make good business decisions.

It’s difficult to manage cash flow and stay up to date on key aspects of running a business, like who owes you money, what amount of tax is due, and how profitable your business really is. It will also be very difficult to apply for loans or financing without accurate financial statements.

Our bookkeeping clean up services are an opportunity for you to remove major stress in your life and ensure that you have the best-looking books and up-to-date financial information needed to run a successful venture.


Some common questions on bookkeeping clean up services.

Still looking for answers?
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1. What do I need to prepare for my bookkeeping clean up?

When preparing for your bookkeeping clean up it helps to have a checklist:

  • Download bank statements
  • Download credit card statements
  • Gather receipts and invoices
  • Make note of unique circumstances
  • Collect Accountant Year End documents

2. What does a bookkeeping clean up cost?

Bookkeeping clean up pricing depends on the state of your books and how many months behind you are. The fees depend on the number of transactions involved, the amount of work required, and how complex your business transactions are.

3. Is it difficult to change bookkeepers?

No. If you’re not happy with your current bookkeeper talk to us. We’ll ensure a smooth transition across and clean up any errors that have been made in the past.

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