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Pure Bookkeeping

The team at Ruby Business Solutions are Pure Bookkeeping Certified. This bookkeeping method gives us clear processes to follow, ensuring that you get the best bookkeeping services and never miss a deadline again.


What Is Pure Bookkeeping

At Ruby Business Solutions, we believe in delivering the highest quality of bookkeeping services to our clients. To ensure this, we’ve adopted the renowned Pure Bookkeeping System, a globally recognized standard for bookkeeping excellence used for over 10 years, across 100’s of organizations.

The Pure Bookkeeping System is a comprehensive set of standardized procedures and best practices tailored for the bookkeeping industry. Originating from Australia and adapted for the Canadian market, this system is designed to ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in all bookkeeping tasks.

Pure Bookkeeping details industry best practice for bookkeeping, reporting and CRA remittances. The system is endorsed by the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada – Canada’s premier professional body for bookkeepers.

We are proud to use Pure Bookkeeping with all of our clients. We are accredited licensees, and all our online bookkeepers have been trained in the system.

Benefits For Your Business

With our team of certified  and trained Pure Bookkeepers you’ll enjoy:

Why Pure Bookkeeping Is Important for Our Clients

At the heart of our service is the promise of flawless bookkeeping. Every report you view will be accurate to the last detail. Handing over your year-end books to your accountant will be a breeze, with no additional costs for corrections. Should the CRA ever audit you, expect the procedure to be as swift and hassle-free as it can be.

Our System is designed to empower you financially.

We offer a diverse range of reports, from straightforward quarterly financial summaries to advanced dashboards. These tools give you a management view of your business, presenting vital financial data in a real-time, user friendly manner.

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Consistency Is Key

Consistency is a hallmark of the Pure Bookkeeping System. Every member of our team follows the same meticulous approach. This uniformity ensures that any of our bookkeepers can seamlessly take over from another. Whether someone is on vacation, relocates, or faces an unforeseen event, our service continuity remains unbroken. The transition is so smooth; you might not even realize a change has occurred.

It's All On File

Should you ever decide to transition to a different bookkeeper, rest easy. All essential details are documented in your client bookkeeping manual, which remains with you. This ensures your new bookkeeper can quickly familiarize themselves with your records. Gone are the days when a bookkeeper’s knowledge was locked away in their mind.

Craig Lawson

I’m blown away by the depth, thoroughness, and quality of the Pure Bookkeeping System, and the financials that I receive as a result. After experiencing the difference it makes to my business partnering with a bookkeeper who is using the Pure Bookkeeping System I would never go back – and I recommend my clients only use bookkeepers who use the Pure Bookkeeping System.

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Choose Pure Excellence

At Ruby Business Solutions, each of our bookkeepers is not only seasoned and certified but has also undergone rigorous training in the Pure Bookkeeping System. This guarantees you receive service of the highest caliber.

Above all, our system is designed to offer you peace of mind. You can confidently focus on your business, secure in the knowledge that its financial aspects are expertly managed.

Let’s discuss a bookkeeping solution together for your business!

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