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Payroll Services

Simplify, organize and streamline your payroll requirements with our online payroll services. Wherever you’re based in Canada we can take care of this important responsibility in your business.

Payroll Services That Keep Everyone Happy

For most Canadian business owners payroll is one of those unwanted administrative obligations. 

Processing employee cheques, staying up to date with regulations, managing deductions and remitting payroll taxes, amongst a long list of tasks, takes up a large slice of your time. Wouldn’t you like that time back?

It’s an activity that doesn’t end and it has to be 100% accurate, every time. When you make mistakes your staff and the tax authorities will come knocking at your door.

At Ruby Business Solutions we support you with expert bookkeeping and payroll services. We’ll take this critical responsibility off of your hands so that you can put that time back into your business.

We simplify payroll services with modern cloud accounting software and ensure that you, your staff and the government are happy.

Book a complimentary discovery call with us to learn more about how our payroll services can help you streamline your business management.

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Our Payroll Services

At Ruby Business Solutions we provide independent payroll services to businesses across Canada.
All of our services are delivered online using the best cloud accounting software and apps. 

We can help you with all of your employee pay, benefits, deductions, taxes and record keeping.
Our payroll services cover key activities such as source deductions, ROE’s and T4’s.
We can also file & pay your workers compensation premiums for you.

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Payroll Services

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The Benefits Of Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll outsourcing services are a great option for Canadian small – medium sized businesses.

As a strategic business owner you shouldn’t be spending your time with your head in the weeds handling time-exhaustive administrative tasks. You should be focused on more important things.

But hiring a full-time payroll manager can be costly. When that person leaves you’ll also lose more time and money training up a replacement.

Outsourced payroll services give you everything you need – expert payroll services, consistency, free time and peace of mind knowing that your staff and your business are taken care of. 

At the same time you’ll be working with payroll professionals who are always up to date with changing regulations and are able to keep your business compliant.

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Software To Simplify Your Payroll

At Ruby Business Solutions we love technology.

We use Payworks to deliver our payroll services and simplify your employee pay management. Payworks cuts through all of the paperwork and provides you with great features such as:

  • Seamless integration into time management tools
  • Auto-filing of taxes, WCB premiums and ROEs
  • Direct deposits to employee bank accounts
  • Ability to add users / locations as you scale

Payworks integrates smoothly with QuickBooks – another powerful platform that we use to streamline your business operations.


Some common questions on payroll services.

Still looking for answers?
Contact us and let us know how we can help.

1. How to do payroll in Canada.

Processing payroll in Canada requires several steps. Here’s a simplified overview of what’s involved:

  • Collect and verify employee information, such as SIN, contact details and bank account number
  • Calculate employee gross pay
  • Calculate deductions, including CPP contributions and EI premiums
  • Calculate net pay
  • Prepare pay stubs
  • Remit taxes to the CRA
  • File tax forms including T4 slips

2. How to calculate payroll deductions.

Calculating payroll deductions in Canada can be complex and depends on factors such as gross pay, tax status and the province of the employee. You have to take into account deductions like Canadian Pension Plan contributions and Employment Insurance premiums, union fees, benefits premiums and possible wage garnishment orders. Its best to contact a payroll service provider in Canada and get it right.

3. What is payroll remittance?

Payroll remittance refers to the process of submitting payroll deductions and contributions to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of employees. Employers are responsible for deducting and remitting payroll deductions from their employees’ pay.

Employers are required to remit these deductions to the CRA on a regular basis, typically either monthly or quarterly, depending on the employer’s average monthly withholding amount.

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