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3 Must-Have Bookkeeping Apps

A phone displaying several bookkeeping apps.

1. Quickbooks Online (QBO)

This can be used as the central app for your companies’ books. All of your sales, expenses, assets and liabilities can be recorded here, and you can then pull financial reports to help you understand your businesses viability. The phone app is very user friendly, and you can email Invoices to clients directly from it which can save a lot of time.

2. Dext

This app is used to organize all your expense receipts. It allows you to take a picture of receipts on your phone and also forward email receipts directly to it, making it much easier to keep your expenses up to date. It also integrates with QBO, meaning you can enter expenses from it, and they get pushed to your QBO with the expense pictures attached.

3. Plooto

If you need to collect recurring payments from clients, this app is a definite must-have. It makes it so easy to do this by debiting the clients bank account automatically after they have signed a PAD agreement. It also makes bill pay easy as you can send payments to your suppliers, and they receive an email notification with updates that the money is on the way to them. It also integrates with QBO meaning it can pull the bills and invoices in your books for easy payment and also apply bill payments automatically for you.

Laura Dempster
Chief Executive Officer

Ruby Business Solutions

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