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What is QuickBooks Integration?

In most businesses, you will be using more than one app to run your business. For example, all of our clients have our basic tech stack that is included in all of our packages which is QuickBooks and Dext.

When an app can integrate with QuickBooks it simply means that you can connect the two so that information can flow between them. This eliminates a lot of tedious manual data entry and means that you can review all your data a lot faster in one place.

When you are logged into your QuickBooks file, you should see a menu item called ‘Apps’. If you go there you can search through all the apps that currently integrate with QuickBooks. This is also a good place to find new apps that you can use to help you in your business.

There are currently over 650 business apps that already integrate with QuickBooks. This means there is a good chance that any you are already using may already have this feature. Even if an app that you use doesn’t have this feature, there are certain apps like Zapier that allow you to create your own integration.

If you are thinking about integrating any apps with your QuickBooks file, I highly recommend that you consult with your bookkeeper first as it is important that the integration is set up properly in the background so that the information flows to the right places in your books.

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