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How to Navigate HR Without Hiring an HR Manager

There is usually a time when your business is growing so much that you need to hire an employee (or more than one). If you have no experience in Human Resources (HR), doing this without a HR Manager can be daunting.

There are so many different legal requirements when hiring and having employees and it is very important that you follow all of them.

Here are some quick tips to help you navigate HR:

Appoint a HR Manager

If you aren’t going to hire a HR Manager, appoint someone already involved with your company (like one of the owners) as the HR Manager. It is much better if one person is overseeing the process.

Educate yourself and create Policies

It is important that the appointed HR Manager educates themselves in all the employee laws of the Province/s that you will be hiring. They should also create policies (that abide by those laws) that will be signed by new employees. This sets out boundaries and ethics in your company, it would also be a good idea and sign of leadership to sign them yourself as well. Since you have these signed policies on file, if any issues ever come up with the employees, you can refer them back to the policy they signed.

Get access to HR Professionals (without hiring one)

There are places you can get access to HR Professionals without having to hire one yourself. For example, we at Ruby Business Solutions offer a HR Add-on where you have access to call HR Professionals, Policy templates, talent and performance review management, workforce analytics, employee self serve with document sharing, counselling services, and more!

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